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Mar. 10th, 2012 05:18 am
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For [ profile] anime20in20 Round 26.

[#] Fate/stay night


- -

10 themes
upside down villain stripes group polaroid
minor character book title hand(s) cold colors big
5 category | five senses|
1 2 3 4 5
5 artist's choice
ac.1 ac.2 ac.3 ac.4 ac.5


1 2

1. Villain - Gilgamesh started off as a villain. (Although... in FSN, everybody is a villain to everyone else.) I kept arguing with myself about why the hell was I masking out all the reds when I was going to put it on a red background anyway. And then I troll'd myself and didn't.
2. Group - fighter girls of FSN.
3. Big - Ilya is the tiniest thing ever and Berserker is just... this huge hulking mass of muscle.
4. Five senses: hearing (Rin, guitar and there also a bit of grainy noise, but that's... not apparent at all, orz), sight (Rider and her breaking visor), smell (Rin, again, and a flower), taste (Saber and an icecream because it was either this or Rin with a sandwich or Sakura with a sandwich), touch (is self-explanatory).
5. AC's #4 - I burned through 33 songs while masking out the background. I started with one aptly named "Valium Skies" by The Verve and ended with Alkaline Trio's "I Found A Way" - a very acute depiction of my journey there.

[!] Numbers are placed ABOVE the icons.
[#] Textless icons are NOT bases, do not alter.
[#] Please credit either [ profile] lightrobber or [ profile] one_heart_less.
[#] Comments are much appreciated.
[#] Please do not direct-link/hotlink. Save the images to your own server.
[#] If you like what you see, please watch this community.
[!] Noticed a brush/texture that's yours, but your name is not on the resource list? Leave a comment here or on the resource post and I'll add you. ♥~
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